Friday, November 28, 2008

The: And Nothing More, Challenge

For some reason, this picture touches my heart...................and nothing more.

Whenever someone walks past me I will think to myself there is someone walking past me, and nothing more.
If an old lady walks past me and fiddles in her pocket as she goes. I will think there is an old lady fiddling in her pockets as she walks, and nothing more.
If a fat man waddles past me and looks me in the eye for two seconds I will think there is a fat man waddling by whilst looking me breifly in the eye, and nothing more.
If two little kids walk past and one whispers something to the other and then they both chuckle, I will think there is two kids laughing at something and nothing more.
If I see a store with a sign saying: 50% of everything!, I will think there is a store with a 50% sale, and nothing more.
If I see A teenage girl trip slightly on her feet and then continue walking I will think there is a young girl who almost tripped, and nothing more.
If I see a rundown dairy painted pink, I will think there is a ugly dairy painted pink, and nothing more.
If I see a discarded ciggerette butt. I will think there is a discarded ciggerette butt, and nothing more.
This way I am training myself to not instantly assume every negative action a person has is because of me, or directed at me. I am training my mind to realise that I never know the story behind why a rundown dairy has been painted freshly pink, or a ciggerette butt was discarded on the ground. Or even what will happen to all the discounted things in the 50% off sale. I just do not know for certain untill I have encountered every little bit of the story with my own ears and eyes.
By applying the "and nothing more" concept to ordinary objects as well as people I am showing my mind that I do no know for certain why anything, or anyone, has become like it is.
If someone appears to be giving me the "evil eyes" I will simply think, that person is making an unhappy look in my direction. However That does not mean they are intending to give me the evils because they think i'm ugly/snobby/retarded/dumb/insecure/mean/fat/etc...... I am simply seeing what I see and nothing more.
And just like I do not know if all the products in the big sale will sell out, I do not know if some stranger walking past me will think poorly of me.
And if they are thinking rationally the stranger should also be at terms with the fact that they do not know if i am thinking poorly of them, or even thinking of them at all. Also, they CAN NOT tell from a several seconds glance whether I am a dickhead or not. Case in point: Focus on what other people in the world could be thinking of you and you will remain depressed AND ignorant.
Focus On the fact that they are simply doing what they are doing, and nothing more, and you will remain non self-obssesive, and down-to-earth.
I will also feel more wonder at the world. And we all know those with a burning curiosity discover more and learn more.


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