Monday, November 3, 2008

My Revalations

As time goes on, I will learn new things, and obviously that means the writing in my blog will change. It will on some days maybe seem like I am a different person then I was yesterday. This is because I change my thinking patterns quickly, and one simple change in one of my thoughts can change the whole basis of my judgement on life and everyone in it. Obviously everyone does this, but I am pointing this out so readers (*cough* what readers?! *cough*) know, that although some days I may seem like an ignorant dick-ead trying to act really cool. On other days
I actually am the opposite of said dick-ead. And am able to simply relax into myself.
Here's some more life-related of my recent revelations.

*I must record my goals, failures, successes, and revelations in order to progress regularly in life.
*The reason I thought I was "lonely" for a boyfriend, was only because I was insecure about myself and simply needed a guy to validate my self-worth.
*When I am doing anything nice for someone, I should be doing it only to give to the other person and make them happy. NEVER should I be simply doing it so I can in turn get something from the other person. E.G, their love, gifts, compliments or anything else that can be given.
I must learn to love without relying on getting something in return to be happy.
*Un-processed food = love of self, and more intense pleasurable feelings when eating something yummy.
*To become soemthing amazing I must only think of amazing people and things, and only focus on sad people and things when I intend to help the person or situation.
*To be able to genuinely laugh from the very pit of my heart and soul,
I must first learn to laugh at myself, without the laughter feeling forced.
*I must be always reading self-help articles, books, and blogs. I can never get enough information.
*I must never let my emotions be negatively affected by someone who appears better of then me, and is judging/ putting down an aspect of my attitude to life. Regardless of their popularity level they could still be just another George Bush - A person well-off because the enviroment around them was supportive. Remember there is a whole world of different people out there, and a whole other world inside of you.


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