Monday, November 3, 2008

The Turn of Time when I Try Things I love Tuesday

•○•The reason Why I love Susie from Style Bubble.

"I KNOW that if I rolled up my Lanvin blazer sleeves, donned some cut-off denim shorts, black opaques, my Balenciaga-knock off boots and an AA tee, people would remark that I looked half-decent and vaguely dare I say chic? I've come to realise that the cliches about fashion conformity don't exist for no good reason. Originality is encouraged but god forbid if you don't worship at Christopher Decarnin's feet, think Carine Roitfeld is elegant amd that the Olsen twins are effing cool and want Alexander Wang to be your gay best friend, then you can just F right off and hide in a fashion cave, banished forever into the realms of un-cool and downright dorky."

She is always so genuine, and down to earth just at the right time. Just when you think people are about to get away with fucking her or someone else over, she points out the well-needed truth and hits all the points.

•○• The lyrics in Westlife's new song

•○• This Airy-Fairy-like Dress

•○• My New Job at the Supermarket as a person who runs around stacking the shelves. It sounds like hard work.....And it is! But that's a good thing because I'm getting a fit toned body I have always dreamed of, and the excersise is helping alleviate my depression.

•○• Making prank-calls with my friends using this free Dr Phil Soundboard

•○• Making up my own quotes. "Before you finalize any of your creations (drawings, writing, designs, or otherwise) Make sure that you were not trying to be anything other then yourself, or an improved version of yourself. People can always see when you have created something for the sheer sake of giving of a certain preconcieved image. But when you genuinelly feel that you absolutely must do what you have done, and genuinely fear what others will think of this genuine side of YOU - that is about to be shown through your creation, that is when you know you have created something beautiful." ~ Me

•○• Improving this blog when I had a dreadful feeling of impending doom. Don't worry my blog is going somewhere now. I'm making it helpful inspiring, and genuine so people can relate to me with ease.


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