Friday, March 6, 2009

What I am grateful for Right Now

◘ My sequinned black Chucks. They go with everything.

◘ That things can be written straight on point, and still be intresting.

◘ That I am in a house which has a running computer, shower, boiling water jug, lighters, pipes, electricity, gaming systems, telephones, cellphones, writing equipment, drawing equipment, and squidgey Das. YAY

◘That yesterday me and Priya found the most fucking awesome the op-shop. No one else had bought them yet I can not believe it!

◘Self-Help Blogs. Ok I want a better word for describing self-help. Hmmmmmm Mind-Food Blogs. That sounds nicer.

◘ Tool

◘ Having the ability to write what is beautiful and show a side to what is not yet seen as beautiful.


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