Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holy Shit I just Realised Wednesday

* When i'm high I should not take the high's effects on my mind seriously, I should observe them and bathe friviously in their fun. But I should NOT become an all out devotee to the thoughts. When that happenes I become depressed. I get high to enjoy the different state of mind trying to push it's way in, not to become depressed about realizations that probably arn't even true, don't even matter in the long run, and are made to seem more dramatic because of the weed's effects.
I must remain in control not let the weed have control. And by in control, that means not letting the new thoughts overcumb me and take me on.

*I am still me weed is merely entertainment, like when I write a poem to pass the time, and it comes out really shit, I don't take the poem seriously at all. It does not mean it is me just because I wrote it. I could have written it incorrectly.

*Maybe I need to learn how to explain things more simply. "If your out to describe the truth leave elegance to the tailor"

*It's easy to think positive things, just take on my usual positive mind set, without judging it, or putting it down, or making it out to be uncool. You dont need that kind of stone cold shite at all.


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