Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow, Amazing

All I really need to do to make friends is try something new.
Before I kept wondering why no one ever shone towards me as I stayed safely huddled in shell of routine.
Untill today I am no longer that snail.....I am a butterfly.
I will fly over anything and under everything to see what works to attract more friends, and soon enough I will have "flown so far around the different people in the world, and affected everyone so much" that I will be crowned the ultimate social butterfly, the one and only conqeurer of the air.
Today I tried new ways of socially interacting with the people at my work.
And maybe it was just me, but I definitly felt more accepted and like I had made a genuine impression on people.
I'm feeling beautiful inside and out, (though a bit underestimated), and i'm rolling on a high.
Over time I am going to hammer this blog article into my head as the guidance it gave me was excellent and just what I needed.
It gave me the last bit of courage I needed to stand up and do something about my apparent lack of friends.

And now I leave you with a collage that expresses how i'm feeling beautifully. I want everything in this picture including the girl ............just joking. however I would like to be able to shadow my eyes like her.


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