Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My first time using Weed

Apart from the fluoxitine I currently take for my depression, the Caffine in my coffee, and the Morphine I took as a pain-killer for my Scoliosis Surgery, the only drug i've ever taken is Weed.
Since about the age of 14 i've known deep in the back of my brain that when I got the chance I would not just try Weed but use it regularly. Not suprisingly I was around 14 when I first got depression. Thinking positively about life was no cure as depression always weedeled it's way around that. So in my mind taking drugs to alter my state of mind was as inevitable as getting my period.
I was this eager to try weed but being extremely socially stunted, I had no way of getting to it.
That was untill I met Wanda. Wanda was a little bit phyco and that was what instantly attracted me too her. She worked with me in the fudge factory and I just knew she would be all into that illegal stuff that I had no way of getting too. Somehow I managed to put all my social problems aside, and get out more then 2 words each time I spoke to her.
She told me she had been kicked out of home when she was little. She had also been with an abusive boyfriend who made her so mad that she ended up chasing him with an axe. She had crashed her car a few times and earned several fines. In my mind she was one of the most fascinating people I had ever met.
She invited me to her house. I agreed. She felt I didn't look cool enough for her to be seen with in public, so she straightened my hair before she took me out to the mall.
After two minutes of walking in a mall she proclaimed "this is so boring, let's go somewhere else"
And so we were of to some random guys house who she said was the hottest guy ever. I didn't belive her.
We arrived. He was extremely hot. He had long black dreadlocks and he used to be a model.
I decided to shut my mouth as I didn't want to scare him away with my retardedness too fast.
Against all odds he seemed to like me. Maybe it was that I had freshly straightened hair, or maybe it was my innocent naivety that intrested him but he seemed to be paying a lot more attention to me then most guys ever do.
We went straight to the garage out back and he got the fire going ready for the weed. I was extremely awed of the way he swiftly heated a rod on the fire and then stuck it under a bottle from which I was too suck up all the weed. I sucked it in and felt a bit of pain in my lungs.
I was very scared when I watched him taking the weed himself. He seemed to put all his heart and soul into sucking it up, and he almost fell of his chair.
A minute later I announced that I did not feel any different which was the truth. Now I know that you need to wait 3 minutes before you can tell if your high. At the time I simply thought my body somehow needed more then most people's. I had a second, and BAMM, I was screwed.
The world began to feel very very heavy, like gravity was about to pull me down into the ground. I told the hot guy with black dreadlocks this and he said it was all in my mind.
I dragged myself too my feet and we made our way to his room. I sat on the floor and tried too control my facial expressions. Alas I could not, Wanda sat there laughing at how "weird" I looked.
I began laughing............I can't remember why.
The hot guy began to question me over and over about my life and my friends. I found it very hard to answer him fast enough before he asked another question. Each question left me in deep thought. He appeared to be smirking at me, but I could not tell properly because it seemed like the world was hazy.
The hot guys dog came in. He began screaming at the dog and viciously shoving him out of the house. Hot Guy had suddenly turned into a schitzophrenic phyco. I was very afraid that he was going to kill the dog. I had forgotten that weed could make you paranoid so I did not know that it was only the weed affecting my thoughts. I went to the toilet. I became extremely scared that he was going to bust in as there was no lock on the door. I pissed while holding my hands outstretched against the door.
When I returned to the room The hot guy seemed to sense my tension. "relax, just enjoy the high" he said wisely. the rest of the time there consisted of him asking me difficult questions, and him and me staring at his fish tank. Tanya seemed to be a distant memory in the back of mind giggling over and over, even though she sat only a few metres away from me.
"shit my mum's ganna kill me" I said. Tanya offered to drive me home.
"But...but...but what about that don't get stoned and drive ad?" I asked knowing that there was none, but being too stoned to think of anything else to say.
They cracked up laughing and we left. On the way home I brought a cookie and stuffed it down my throat. She left me at the end of my drive. By this time I needed the toilet again.......badly. I tried to hurry down the driveway, because I felt like my mind was so scared about pissing my pants that I would piss my pants just because I couldn't stop thinking about pissing my pants. I also felt like the weed had affected my bladder control. Ya know the kind of thing you only think when stoned. Well yeah, I made it too the gate before all of hell's waters broke lose. It trickled down my socks and shoes, so I took them off and threw them in the garden.
Then I rushed into the house and tried to act completely normal.
The next day my mum asked why my shoes and socks were in the bushes.
"ummmmmmmmmm, nevermind it's not intresting" I answered guiltily.


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