Friday, August 1, 2008

I call this poem Priya

Priya, I never deep down truly ment anything I said to you in that text. I said it all because I felt unloved and inferior. It was horrible for me to say those things, and not only that, but I havn't been able too sleep properly since I sent it to you. When I sent it I was hoping you would send something back saying how much you could not live without me being your friend, and how sorry you were for neglecting me, and how you needed me. But now I realise why would you have sent me that when I said untrue, uncalled for things all because of my own insecurity.
This is not an excuse but I was feeling badly depressed that day and have been feeling much worse ever since I sent it. You will always be the best friend ever too me. I drew you a picture too and named it Sisley. Sisley is wearing a dress that I thought could be one of our designs. Annoyingly I could not photocopy it up here as The stupid printer was not working.

Anyway I am asking for your forgiveness. Please forgive me. P.S I got a sample of some apparently real skunky (it's supposed to give us a real good high) weed. I havn't used it yet, do you want to smoke it with me? I'm free today and tomorrow and any time up till wednesday.
We can test it out, and I can show you Sisley.
Here is your poem.


It's happened again
what happens only too me
only to someone inferior

i've given you everything
I set you free
I opened you up to who youve always dreamed to be

i never thought the time would come
when you would let me go
out into the wilderness in my artificial snow

you leave me with nothing
not even goodbye
leave me on your doorstep for I infinitly cry

like a cold cup of tea
like a old book of quotes
like the same resounding song, once beautiful notes

you keep ............pushing me away
like the thousand fathers fore me
and the thousand from this day

I cry everything right now
for today and for tommorow
could be 100 years more fore you forgive me for my sorrow


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