Saturday, June 14, 2008

An "odd" person

nobody nobody can relate
too the world Alana reels
she can play a video
or write a poem
but still nobody can feel what she feels

nobody nobody can understand
why alana does it so
she can put on a clown hat
or make Chamonile tea
but what Alana is offereing nobody knows

nobody nobody wants to love
a person who hasnt the strength to stay
alana pretends
but the effort is draining
she has only the strength to run away

nobody nobody will give this a chance
this baby she holds
so fragile and small
nobody will look for the child in her hands
Alana hasnt the strength to unfold

somebody somebody should dance with Alana
when her face has fallen from their depths
should throw rope after rope into her arms
somebody see
the trails she left

This is a poem I wrote today. Oddly this is how I feel write now. I guess you can say I am Alana. I'm narrcassistic like that. I often write about myself as though i'm some crazed lover. I stalk myself. My mind stalks myself. I drive myself crazy, make myself fear for my life, and make myself feel completely selfish.
Also this is pretty random but I just thought of an awesome name for my clothing label in the future. No stealing or i'll sue you =D


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