Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The End

Or rather....... I should be saying this is the beginning of my blog.
However As I quite often create things suddenly on a whim I fear this will be the first and last blog i have ever created.
But worries aside, the reason for this blog is I wish to do more in my life. Prove to myself and all those who have shut me down (I am a rejected loser more often then not), that I am a lot more then people have ever seen in me.

In this blog I will go by the code name Disheveled Doll. As I would prefer to not reveal my retard identity so everyone can laugh at me when some jerk from my school discovers my "emo" blog.
I was hoping not to start of on a bitter note, but as usual i've defied that impossible rule I set for myself. Some days I am happy........ Very happy. That is when I can write well, because I know I can write well, and therefore I do.

Most days because of my persistent depression i'm too down in the dumps to see the world clearly, so my writing just comes out a jumbled mess of irritating and repetitive garbage.
I've always tried to describe my sadness too my mum as "an endless maze in my brain with no way out" Other people would describe it as a haze over their eyes but i'm trying not to be cliche here!

So too officially start of my first post i'm going to leave you with a recipe for an extraordinary hot cocoa cooked the good old fashion way. I'm not trying to brainwash you too subcounsiously accociate my blog with a creamy hot chocolate...........ok maybe I am. But hey =D

before you go look at this charming wee contraption. It makes me laugh.


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