Friday, September 26, 2008

What can I offer that no one else can?

\This is a tough but serious question for me. It MUST be answered in order for for anyone to get anywhere with their life. If you want to stand out, make a difference, or just feel really special, you must come to terms with your unique abilities.
So here is mine:
* I have a really good intuition. When I get a feeling about something I just know that it must be dealt with at once. Every time I ignore me suspicions I end up regretting it.
* I can be really really honest, to the point where I explain every little tiny thought my brain has (even the thoughts about why I explain the tiny thoughts).
*I am completely compassionate. I am always trying to see things the way everyone else would be seeing them so that my understanding means I can play a character that will be beneficial to their emotional needs.
*I am overly self aware, which may sometimes be a problem (e.g awkwardness) but on the flipside can also be very good for self-improvement.
*When I am in the right state of mind I have a way with words that can inspire people.
*I believe strongly that all people are good beneath what is seen outwardly, and that with the right attitude you can help them become better people.
*I believe everyone has creative abilities, regardless of the fact that their stuff may have once seemed tryhard, stupid, or ugly.


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